Sunday 9/10 1:30pm Show dedicated to Michelle Carter (rerun)


This is a pre-recorded episode. The story is true. I am posting this in support of Michelle Carter, the teen who is accused of “textiing her boyfriend to death.” Dr. Peter Breggin has been involved in the case. The content of this broadcast may be upsetting to some audiences.

Un-Back-To-Work Day! Psychiatric Survivors and Disability Coercion 6:30PM Tuesday Sept 5

Diagnosees are told they will never get better. They are told they have permanent “disorders” that can only be “managed.” They are told they must see these god-like “professionals” who will run our lives and know better.

This is a crime against humanity. This is also fraud. We stand against coerced permanent disability. Many of us could have used “time off,” but are now looking back at decades ofproductive years stolen from our lives. Lost to a fake disease called “mental illness.”

Many of us have been made disabled by the “treatments” that were tiven to us, “treatments” such as ECT, which damages the brain, or pharmaceuticals, which damage the body’s organs, and cause early death. Thus we have been put out of work.

Call 323-443-7210