Guest from the UK: PSSD Sexual Dysfunction from psych drugs!

The show will be tomorrow, Sunday Oct 22, at 6:30 pm New York Time.

To call in, dial 323-443-7210

It has been well-known that SSRI and other psych drugs cause sexual inhibition, but if you ask your doctor about this, he/she is likely to tell you “It’s a minor annoyance.” However, both men and women are reporting complete numbness and total inability to function sexually. Even worse, the condition, now called PSSD, is often permanent. Since this effect is so devastating and can be embarrassing to talk about, it is grossly underreported.

Daryl from the UK joins us tonight to discuss his own experience and the data he continues to collect. He has experienced retaliation as a whistle-blower also.

Listeners should be aware that we will not shy away nor skirt around this difficult topic. Rather, we will discuss the situation openly and frankly. Therefore, it may not be appropriate for children to hear. This is a tough, but vital issue.

You can find Daryl’s blog containing many interviews of people affected by this atrocity here!

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